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Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated the telephone in Boston. 1931 Western Electric built, and ERPI installed, the first three-way wide-range loudspeakers in theaters, with four 18" cone loudspeakers on 4' by 8' baffle, two 15' long, wooden, exponential horns with 555W drivers, and 596 tweeter. ERPI held training classes for projectionists in new talkie equipment.
1889 Thomas Edison gave laboratory demonstrations of talking motion pictures, using a wax cylinder recorder synchronized to film.
1906 Lee de Forest demonstrated triode amplifying tube.
1935 Western Electric introduced the Mirrophonic Sound System, whose loudspeakers introduced multicellular horns to multi-way loudspeaker systems.
1913 Edison toured U.S. with Kinetophone talking picture apparatus.
1924 Research group moved from Western Electric in Chicago to newly-formed Bell Laboratories in Manhattan.
1936 Western Electric divested ERPI division. Management formed "All Technical Services" Company, Altec Service Company, to continue service contracts and manufacture some theatre sound equipment. University Loudspeaker Company founded in New York City.



Western Electric manufactured compression drivers with aluminum diaphragms and edge-wound ribbon voice coils. Calvin Coolidge used first Western Electric public address system during outdoor address at Harvard University. 1941 Altec Service Company bought nearly bankrupt Lansing Manufacturing Company, and formed Altec Lansing Corporation on May 1 at 6900 McKinley Ave. to manufacture former Lansing products with 23 employees. First Altec power amplifier, model 142B.
1926 Warner Brothers Studios licensed Bell Labs talking picture system under "Vitaphone" trademark. 1942 Model 87E high-power amplifier produced; anti-submarine detection equipment produced for U.S. Navy.
1927 The Jazz Singer opened in New York on October 6. Western Electric amplifiers included the 8B, 9A, and 10A, powered by multiple wet storage batteries.
1943 Introduced first field coil Duplex® 15" loudspeaker, model 601. Built anti-aircraft gunnery trainer for U.S. Navy. Altec occupied offices in the Taft Building in Hollywood.
1928 Western Electric formed Electric Research Products, Inc., ERPI, to manufacture, install, and service talking picture systems in studios and theatres. New amplifiers could be powered from AC line, including models 41A, 42A (3 watts), and 43A (15 watts). 1944 Model 604 Duplex® 15" permanent magnet loudspeaker produced. Offices established at Hollywood and Vine.
1945 Built first home loudspeakers, amplifiers, and television receivers. Voice of the Theatre® loudspeaker systems introduced