Altec Lansing Technologies

1988 The 9444A Anniversary Series Amplifier is introduced. The All Technical Engineered Sound Conference is held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 1993 Altec redefines the price and performance point of high output speaker systems with the introduction of the 9864A Duplex speaker system. The Announcement Management System (AMSYS) micro-processor controlled paging system is also introduced.
1989 The A700 package loudspeaker is introduced, along with the 8551A and 8558A programmable equalizers. European Clinics are held in Frankfurt, Germany and Zagreb, Yugoslavia 1994 Altec Lansing and University Sound provide all of the audio equipment for the 1994 Winter Olympics held in Lillehammer, Norway. The Duplex speaker system product line is completed with the addition of the new rectangular and arrayable packages in full-range and mid/high performance packages. The 4024A DSP processor is introduced with pre-sets for all combinations of Duplex speaker systems. Altec conducts a seminar in Beijing, China.
1990 The Las Vegas Clinic, held in conjunction with the 1990 NSCA Show, showcases the Variable-Intensity (VI) high frequency horns, Maestro Monitors and the 9446A amplifier.
1991 Altec Lansing is the major supplier to Euro Disneyland in France. AcoustaBASS low-frequency speaker systems are introduced, along with the industry's first PA-422 programmable equalizers and the M100 monitor speaker.
1995 Thirteen regional seminars are held in the USA.
1997 Mark IV Audio, including Altec Lansing purchased by Greenwich Street Capital Partners, a New York investment fund, and renamed EVI.
1992 At the NSCA Show in Anaheim, California, Altec introduces new package loudspeaker systems specifically designed for the House of Worship market. These new speakers utilize the Altec 920-8B and new 950-8A Duplex speaker components. Also introduced are  new 1400-series equalizers and the updated 2280B Incremental Power amplifier system. 1998 EVI is merged with Telex Communications, another Greenwich Partners company.  Altec's Oklahoma City plant closed with manufacturing consolidated in EV's Buchanan Michigan facility.
2000 Altec Lansing Professional Division of Telex Communications closed. Remaining trade name rights sold to Altec Lansing Technologies
2002 Altec Lansing Professional relaunched as a division of Altec Lansing Technologies