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1947 Acquired Peerless Electrical Products Company. Tenth Anniversary record album produced, with Bette Davis, Bob Hope, Jean Hersholt, and others. 1958  First Altec contractor sound engineering seminar. First complete Altec home stereo system. Altec supplied sound systems for Thor missile launching sites worldwide.
1948 Model 101 high fidelity tuner introduced, Peerless 20-20 transformers. Bell Labs developed transistor. 1959 Ling Electronics, Inc., acquired controlling interest in Altec Companies, Inc. First Altec New Products Clinic. University Sound Products acquired by LTV. Giant Voice® introduced.
1949 First Altec microphone, model 21 condenser. Acquired Western Electric Sound Products Division and began producing Western Electric product lines. 1960 Introduced new microphone line. First integrated sales and marketing force formed. New line of Peerless heavy duty, high power transformers announced.
1950  Altec moved to new facility in Beverly Hills. Won Electrical Manufacturing Certificate of Award for condenser microphones. 1961 Introduced first transistorized compressor amplifier, also new line of telephone products. Altec teleconferencing system installed at Disneyland.
 1951 Entered acoustical instrumentation market with 21 BR measurement microphone. 1962 Sequr® coupler introduced, along with Watchguard® system for Giant Voice® testing. First Altec FM receiver introduced.
1952 First Altec broadcast console, model 250, became broadcast standard and was used exclusively by Armed Forces broadcasting. Peerless pioneered hermetically sealed power transformers. 1963 Introduced 203B multicell horn, first Playback® amplifier. University Sound moved to 100,000 square foot factory in wheat field in Canadian County, Oklahoma. Acquired Gonset Inc., manufacturer of transceivers.
1953 Voice of the Theatre® became world standard, approved by Research Council of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Developed first stereophonic theatre sound systems for: This is Cinerama, House of Wax, and The Robe.
1964 Second Altec national contractor sound engineering seminar. Acquired Cinema Engineering, Inc., formed it into Audio Controls Division.


1954 Formed Newpaths, Inc., to build theatre stereo equipment. Introduced model S-15 theatre stereo amplifier system.
1968 Acquired Standard Systems, Inc., formed it into Altecom telecommunications product line. Introduced Acousta-Voicing® filter sets and test equipment. Introduced A8 Voice of the Theatre® loudspeaker system.
1955 First Voice of the Theatre home loudspeaker, model 820A. Peerless produced communications transformers for Cape Canaveral. Tech Letter #1 published.
1969 Acousta-Voicing® seminars conducted nationwide.
 1956 First public trading of Altec stock. Entered telephone products market. Altec featured in television documentary "Success Story of Altec Lansing". Purchased orange grove in Anaheim, California, for new factory.
1970 Introduced biamplified loudspeakers for home use. University Sound becomes part of Altec Division of LTV.
1957 Moved offices and factory to new plant in Anaheim, California.


Altec Corporation formed from parts of LTV, was publicly traded on American Exchange. Altec assigned long-term liabilities of LTV acquisitions of Allied Radio and Escon.